Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Business Innovation

Every business involves variety of processes. These processes works at different stages of business which are linked with each other.Now day business processes has gone online. Many government as well as private companies and organizations has their own portal which completes many business activities through internet at home. Most innovative companies are working on the technology which will make business work easy and more productive.
In the world computer technology and  mobile technology, everything is going online. New innovations and technology in computer field like cloud computing and big data are used in business analysis.

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1.Cloud Computing :

cloud storage
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is the technology to store, compute and analyze large amount of data from different locations. Business world got this techniques to analyze their business processes and productivity through available data. Many innovative ideas are coming in the business to increase reach and productivity of business.

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2.Big Data :

Big data
Big Data

 Big data also support business people through implementing their business processes more efficient by estimating the available input.

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 Many analytical tools are used in business cycle and each has their own benefit for business world. Due to this innovative ideas, new formula came in the business world, which explains strong bond between innovation and entrepreneurship.

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